Just need sleep

I’m 35, and am at a point where  I am thinking that I need to accept some facts. One, I’m not going to get any younger and that I’m not going to win the lottery (well, maybe, hell, I’ll keep buying the occasional ticket).   I have two kids, one almost a teen and one almost two, which means I’m going to have to be packaging at least one of them off to school for the foreseeable future. Which means I will have to get up at 6am for quite awhile.

Getting up at 6am is not something that comes natural to me.

I have always been a person who stayed up until one or two in the morning, slept in til 9 and then was able to get into his day and move forward. Now, I’m still not really able to start my day until nine or so despite being up at 6, and I’m still going to bed too late (around midnight).

So, last night, I decided to start the change. I took some zquil, and I took the baby step of getting my ass to bed at 1130 instead of midnight or later. I thought I was rocking it. I would still be tired when 6am rolled around, but hopefully not as tired.

Then my wife woke me up at 130am because she thought the baby girl had made an odd noise and was wondering if she looked pale, because she was worried baby girl wasn’t getting enough oxygen and I was frankly too tired to have any real grasp on what was going on.

Long story short, we decided Little Girl was fine, we went to bed, and eventually fell back to sleep (Little Girl being fine was later affirmed at 6am when I got up to get The Boy on the bus).  Well, try again tonight to get to bed at a decent time and get some sleep. I think it’s something I have to do try to shift myself to being more of a morning person, or to at least being moderately productive before noon.


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