well, racist and ignorant is what you are

I’m not sure why, but I follow Howard Kurtz on twitter, so I find myself occasionally reading his article. Usually it’s just bland opinion pieces, but his most recent article about the media and labeling followers of Trump as racist or ignorant (or I’m sure any number of things) is just the media’s way of dealing with Trump’s popularity has a hole I can’t mention.

It’s that Trump has said, insinuated, and associated himself with a lot of racist, ignorant stuff. He regularly re-tweeted posts from white supremacists. He’s had several verbal spats with women in relative positions of power (Megyn Kelly being the most well-known). He’s stoked fears of Muslin extremists with his ridiculous statements about how he feels towards immigration. His idea of building a (bigger?) wall next to Mexico is ridiculous. He’s aggressively verbally assaulted people he doesn’t agree. The guy acts and talks and gives credence to a lot of racist, sexist, ignorant crap.

If you then ally yourself with a person who embraces a lot of racist, sexist, ignorant crap then, yeah, you’re going to be saying something about yourself as well. If you don’t want to be thought of as being racists, sexist, and/or ignorant, don’t align yourself with people who are.

And, you know what, it’s okay for the media to point this out. It’s okay for the media to hammer people who say a bunch of racist, ignorant, sexist, etc. stuff. They SHOULD be doing it. Regardless of who does it. Yeah, sometimes people just screw up and something comes across wrong, and the majority of us are smart to know when that happens, or are just human enough to assume it in most cases that are at all borderline.

So, yeah. South Carolina, you’re going to be looked at as being vaguely racists/sexist/ignorant because you (apparently) support that. Deal with it, because that’s the choice you made in the voting booth and it’s something you’re going to have to live with until something happens to show otherwise (like who you support in other elections).

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