The futility of trying to save forty bucks

Or maybe $120.

Either way, having people come to your house to fix things like your boiler racks up a big cost fast. I know from experience. when the clothes washer quit working, I had a choice. I could call someone to come out, look at it, identify a problem, order a part, probably come back, and install it. Or I could google the hell out of it, try to diagnose it myself, and get my own parts.

Of course, I went for the latter. And now I’m worrying myself into the ground over whether or not the parts I’m replacing will actually fix the thing. It’s the risk you run trying to feel your own way through it. I get that. And folks need to earn a buck for coming out and fixing your stuff for you, I get that, too. When money’s tight, though, you’re in a squeeze with what needs to be done and what you can afford to do.

On top of that, the clothes washer is all of four years old, if that. There’s no way it should be breaking down already. Looking around the web, and it seems appliances only have a ten year life expectancy anyway (on average). Which I find ridiculous. My mom’s washer, drier, and fridge have lasted around twenty years. I still have a fridge in my garage from my grandparents that is probably sixty or seventy years old. Things used to last.

Right now we’re starting (in the middle of?) redoing our house, and I’m wondering  why we should invest in “nice” appliances if they are only expected to last ten years before we have to replace them. If they are going to have that short of a life span, why not just cut our costs, go cheaper on these things that we’ll have to replace regardless and go after better cabinets, counters, sinks, flooring, etc.

Just venting. Blow a couple of grand on a washer/drier and I shouldn’t be having to dump money into them already.

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