I’m far from a zeolot, but…


The above posts came across from twitter feed, and I probably took more offense to it than I should. However, I hate this idea that a cortisone shot or a surgery is roughly the same as taking an illegally procured steroid or some other ped. And I think it is always too convenient to want to exclude any sort of moral component to the argument. Especially when it is a component the players themselves seem to hold close in interview after interview where the player hates the idea of having his accomplishments blemished by being associated with people who took unfair advantages.

If you really want to take this line that morality (or legality aside, since most PEDs are also illegal, at least once they are discovered to exist, though I think they are probably illegal as a “controlled substance” and your ass could still get rung up in court over it) isn’t a concern, then you could make argument for players taking nearly anything as long as it gets them onto the field quicker. Amphetamines? Sure, it helps the player overcome fatigue and get back on the field. Crack? Why not, it’s a great upper.

And do we stop with just substances with some proven benefit for the player? What about things a player simply believes helps them? Ground up rhino horns? Well, as long as we don’t have to know he illegally poached the animal, it might be okay. What about blood rituals? Maybe a player just feels off and that the gods aren’t looking favorably upon him. Maybe killing a small child will get the gods back on his side.

Yeah, it’s hyperbole, but so is the moral equivalency and win-at-all-costs bullshit being peddled above. If what you’re using isn’t something you want printed in the papers or in your profile, you shouldn’t be taking it, and you know it. There is a moral component, there should be a moral component, and it’s stupid to act like there isn’t or shouldn’t be.

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