Jason Demers

I’ve been seeing Wings fans throwing around Jason Demers as a guy we should target to improve our blueline, and I can’t help but wonder what they are thinking when guys like  Yandle and Goligoski (and even Campbell) could be on the market. This isn’t to say Demers is a bad players, he’s a fine D, but he’s not exactly anything special. Our blueline is weak with the puck, weak generating offense, and is weak in our transition game. Nothing about Demers makes me think he’s much more than a more experienced Marchenko. Give Marchenko another year or two, and I don’t think we’ll see a huge difference between the two – especially not a difference worth what it would likely cost to sign Demers in free agency.

Spend a little more, get a guy who is a little less safe, but who brings qualities we need. No one who might be available on the open market will be a Suter-esque move that could single-handedly revamp our blueline, but we should at least go for players with qualities we don’t really have. Also, if Mrazek is as good as he appears he might be, we can lean on him to make those big saves where we leave him out to dry occasionally.

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4 Responses to “Jason Demers”

  1. fruscianteredwing Says:

    Agree, I’m fine with shedding players for cap space over the summer. Next year should just be a trial run to see what kids step it up. I’m worried signing too many players (already talks of bringing helm back) will cause us to lose a solid player on waivers. Also xo is at pro level now, sproul is 6’3 220 with a right shot…wouldn’t hurt to give him or Russo a chance to play.

    • fruscianteredwing Says:

      Oh I forgot to mention that bishop went down last night. Add stralman and stamkos…they are down a knight, queen, and bishop, checkmate for Tampa lol

      • charlieblizz Says:

        These playoffs are killing me. I don’t really care for Tampa, but I can’t pull for Pittsburgh in any circumstances. I was hoping Nashville could go on a run but now…St. Louis or SJ is a strict toss-up for me. I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing Thornton winning a cup to shut everyone up about how he’s not a leader or whatever.

        And, yeah, I don’t want Helm back at all. Or Miller. I’m fine with promoting Callahan and Nosek to be 12/13/14 type forwards, eat some PK, and play the fourth line. I don’t mind losing guys to waivers if we’ve brought in some clear upgrades (Stamkos, Yandle, etc.), but not for a 4th line/pk specialist.

      • fruscianteredwing Says:

        I didn’t expect any of these teams to be in conference finals except Tampa. Haven’t actually watched a game since our exit, might watch the blues and Pens in finals though. Definitely too early still to get excited for next season, I just can’t bring myself to watch baseball

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