Megyn Kelly isn’t a journalist

The blow up over the crappy interview Kelly did with Trump is ridiculous, and it’s everyone’s fault but Kelly’s and Fox’s that so many people were apparently gullible enough to think something journalistic would happen on their network that arguably went against their internal interests. In the past, the network has been careful to make clear that a lot of shows (such as O’Reilly’s) are not news shows, but glorified opinion pieces there to suck in ratings while pandering to the ideology the higher ups want to push. It’s blatant, it’s ugly, it works for them.

So why would anyone believe that Kelly wouldn’t end up doing what’s best for her employer, and who is in line to throw her big pay day at her? She brings in the ratings for them, she represents a demographic the GOP as a whole has trouble appealing to, and her contract is coming up.

Just like we should know that Paul Ryan and every other GOP member will fall in line at some point to back Trump, so will Fox News and all of the people on it that matter. If anything, it wouldn’t be surprising if the whole bad blood story line between Trump and Fox wasn’t entirely fictitious, there to drum up publicity for one, ratings for the other, and to then get it out of the way for the full court press of “opinion” programming leading up to the election. It’s on everyone for being too gullible and naive in allowing themselves to fall into this trap. Kelly just did what everyone should have known was going to happen from the beginning: tow the line.

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