I have to think of moving now

It’s sort of funny that my two most recent posts will be about politics rather than writing, or hockey or damn near anything I actually enjoy. Watching the election play out tonight, and I’m deeply disappointed in such a large chunk of my country siding with someone who so blatantly embraced ignorance, racism, sexism, and damn near every sort of hate and fear to try to leverage himself into the presidency. It’s disheartening.

But looking at a government that will now be ruled by the GOP for the next four years (yeah, there are midterms, but with so many states already gerrymandered all to hell, does anyone have any hope for them? ) and the supreme court for even longer… what I worry most about is my little girl. I was watching her sleep a few moments ago, and I came to the realization that I don’t know what sort of world I’m now bringing her up in, and that maybe it needs to be changed. Not the world, I can’t do that, but the part of the world she herself is a part of.

I don’t know.  This will probably be a conversation our family will be having now. Maybe see how the next year or two goes, while buttoning up loose ends that would have to be buttoned up, and then…somewhere else. Maybe. I just don’t know.

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