immigration is a red herring

Anytime an opinion piece mentions getting tough on immigration as a necessary goal, you should know that they are full of shit. And it’s pieces like Krauthammer’s that makes everyone else look at the GOP is a barely coherent thirty year hanging at the side of the room looking like the mentally deficient wart that they are. All of 11 million illegals are in the US today. If you think they are so damaging to our economy, that they are taking all of the “good” jobs (seriously, what do you think they are doing? Are doctors crossing the border illegally and setting up shop?), then enjoy your fantasy world. Building a wall would do nothing but be an economic boost with the construction jobs.

This is without getting into the delusion that the GOP hasn’t been the obstructionist power for the past six years – and for the bulk of the Clinton administration before it, and that the Reagan era had any fucking clue about the economy.

The one lone hope is that Trump isn’t part of the GOP mainstream and is coming at the whole machine from the outside. The more he enmeshes himself with traditional GOP governing, the worse his administration is going to be.


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