We should work together now that I need you to

…And then there was this quote:

For six years we’ve been sort of fighting like the Hatfields and the McCoys. It’s been very partisan and we see what happens, we don’t have a success,” he said. “So I think in the end we ought to do our best to build a consensus so that we can have a lasting solution.

That’s from Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee via an article at TPM. Instead of trying to find ways of being constructive governing bodies we’ve had six years of obstruction and jerkishness from the GOP. They haven’t even attempted to pass any law of note beyond homeruns of repealing Obamacare and trying to get their various gas/oil pipelines built and now, despite still having majority in the senate AND the house AND the presidency…the GOP wants Democrats to provide political cover to pass legislation to undo and obliterate the crowning achievements of the Obama administration.

For God’s sake, I hope the Democrats are smarter than this. It is clear from the past two Democratic presidencies that the GOP simply has no desire to work with a president from the other party and it’s time Democrats learn that hard lessor and serve it back. They gain nothing from working with the GOP other than making them look vaguely competent. If they want to pass these laws, make them do it alone. Make them own the work in a way they have refused to own the responsibility for their decisions for the past six years.

It’s an outright lie by people like Alexander to allege the partisanship the past six years has been a two way street. Make them eat this and own it.


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