last day of break for the kid

Well, today was officially the last day of winter break. The Wife went back to work today, The Boy goes back to school tomorrow, and then it will be back to just me and Little Girl for the bulk of the day. I’m sort of looking forward to it if for nothing else than the simplification that will come with it. I won’t have to worry about an extra lunch to fix, or have the two kids pestering each other, or having to share the TV/living room/whatever.

Also, I’m hoping for the opportunity to try working around the house again. It’s hard with a two year under foot, and having to do the grocery shopping tomorrow (break ends for all of us I guess), but the added freedom with no one else around will hopefully manifest itself in some added productivity, if for no other reason than less noise around the house.

I don’t know how The Wife does it. She can seemingly tune out anything and motor along at whatever it is she wants to work on. I just can’t. I try to drown out the unwanted noise with noise of my own but I’m not 25 any more. More noise is just more noise. The Boy being between bouts of video game playing and putting Sesame Street on for Little Girl amounted to the biggest break I got on the day noise wise.



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