Long Week

This is going to be a short one as I just try to get on track for this week. I’m not sure why this week has went by so fast, but it has. And I’m still not catching up. The living room is a mess from Hurricane Little Girl, have had some academic dustups with The Boy, and we momentarily lost a library book of The Wife’s (we found it today, yay).

A consistent bright spot has been supper.

Yesterday we had a potato/sweet potato gratin that used heavy cream to give it its gooeyness. The Boy wasn’t a fan of the sweet potatoes, apparently the target of his random food dislike for the month, but even he liked the dish as a whole. The Recipe was pulled from The Swedish Table by Helene Henderson. It’s a good recipe book as a whole, if only for its potato recipes.

Today it was lasagna day. With over a pound of assorted mushrooms (I used shitake, crimini, oyster, and good ol’ fashioned white mushrooms because they were cheap) and two packages of frozen spinach, it was filling. What made it great was the bechamel sauce.

Being largely a vegetarian household, I have a difficult time with lasagna because I really miss my mom’s. Which was not vegetarian. Now, I had found a work around with those fake meat crumbles that companies like Boca put out. Mix it up like you would any meat sauce and it isn’t a bad substitute.

What I didn’t have any experience with is a lasagna without a red sauce entirely, so I was more than a little leery of this. It was incredible, though. It was gooey and thick and may have turned me around a bit on how I’m putting together future lasagnas. I’m wondering how a red sauce would go with a becamel sauce, which would hopefully allow me to cut back slightly on the amount of cheese used throughout the recipe.

Anyway. Off to bed for me.


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