Well, they buried the lead here

Alright, I got this stupid tweet in my twitter feed a few minutes ago insinuating that there was a link between GM’s recent announcement of investing in the US and Trump being a jackass on twitter. And there might have been something to it, considering how companies that Trump has targeted have seen their stocks fall in the immediate aftermath as Wall St. acts like total bleeping idiots thinking people are really going to care. It’s like the people who thought folks would actually boycott Rogue One: A Star Wars Story because some Trumpers got all upset by what they thought might possibly be in it if you looked for it.

Except here’s the article from The Detroit News on GM’s plans.

Did anyone else catch the important parts? Hint: they weren’t in the title or in the first half (or even 3/4) of the article. Here:

GM’s announcement of new U.S. jobs and investment has been previously scheduled and was not in response to Trump, according to a source familiar with the company’s planning.

Oh, look. It had nothing to do with Trump. Oh, and look at this:

GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra and Trump talked following the tweet, and Barra told reporters on Jan. 8 that GM did not plan to change its production with the Cruze hatchback.

Want to know how Trump figured/thought GM would be “following suit” with Ford/Chrysler? I’ll take a wild guess that GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra told him it was happening 8 days ago.

And what else was buried at the bottom of the article, other than what explained the timing of Trump’s tweets and this phony bullcrap connection the supposedly liberal media cooked up? Just a list of the thousands of jobs GM is/has been cutting.

What makes this all worse is that the twitter links that are popping up are selling this as some sort of shakedown by Trump forcing GM to give us some gosh darn jobs, and newspapers having all of the dots but refusing to go through the work of at least attempting to connect them.

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