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It’s The Flinstones, the modern post-Apocalyptic Family

August 9, 2017

So, apparently my president has channeled the parts of the Bible where everyone dies to warn North Korea to play nice. ¬†Watching Trump deliver this ultimatum does anything but fill me with confidence. He looks lost, he looks like he’s lying with his lack of eye contact and constant blinking, there is no conviction to his voice as he threatens Armageddon, a lack of sincerity that feels especially galling considering the threat he’s stumbling his way through.

Watching him talk, you wonder how the hell anyone believes in this guy.

Then you read a twitter feed for one of his prominent supporters, and it becomes clear. They mimic the same vapid, macho bullshit he’s saying. Nuke’em first, kill’em all, etc. To hell with the millions of innocents who will be caught in the nuclear crossfire. ¬†They aren’t Us. They are Them. So it’s okay to kill them with blissful nonchalance.

We’re seeing the ugly self-centeredness and more bankruptcy that is America’s underbelly. As a nation we’ve long been too eager to jump at supposed horrors that lurk in the shadows, from racism to communism to rap music to Islamism; usually while we an actual terror stands in stark relief in the light, daring us to notice.

How should we react to NK? Calmly, with measure. Enforce the economic binds the UN has recently placed on them. Continue to try to talk. And be patient. NK is going to get the bomb. Years of self-imposed and enforced exile from the international community has all but guaranteed it. The fallout from that isn’t something that has to be rushed from a cliff, though.