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So, only one kid is dead so far

March 20, 2018

I’ve already seen this narrative being pushed that the good guy with the gun stepped forward and prevented a larger tragedy. This is to take nothing from the officer who stepped up and performed his duty. He should be commended for that.

At the same time, pushing this ridiculous idea that putting armed anybody in schools is the next best step is wholly missing the point that despite the presence of an armed SWAT team member a child still went and grabbed a hand gun, took it to school, shot two people, and was then shot and killed himself (who shot him exactly hasn’t been clearly reported yet – whether it was the officer or if it was self-inflicted). The goal is to make this a non-starter as much as humanly possible. Either foster a society where gunning down a bunch of other kids just isn’t considered as a possible course of action, which would be the ideal, or making it so difficult for kids to get their grubby little hands on a gun that the likelihood of it happening is pushed farther down the likelihood ladder than it is now.

I don’t believe this idea that if anyone wants a gun bad enough they’ll inherently get one. I also don’t believe there is some sort of inherent desire to grab a gun and mow people down encoded in our genetic make-up somewhere. This is a symptom of something wrong in our society.

At some point we need to confront that and actually work on it with the goal of changing it and not just accepting it or ameliorating its repercussions. We have allowed the guns and violence to become a disturbing fetish. Stroke them, oil them, caress their triggers until they bang.  Lauding killing a 17 year old who was trying to kill other teenagers is not a win.

Need to Find a New pre-school

March 9, 2018

My little girl goes to head start. It was a difficult thing for me to be okay with. She’s my little girl, and the idea of dropping her off with strangers for three hours a day while she’s just three years old just didn’t sit well with me. But our neighborhood is a bunch of geriatrics, and we don’t exactly know a lot of people in town, so her being able to go and be around kids was a big deal.

It turned out to be a wonderful place. My daughter loves the teachers, she is enthusiastic about going to “school,” it’s been incredibly rewarding.

Yesterday we found out that they are closing the school after this year and we’ll have to find a new pre-k/head start program for next year. Little girl, of course, has no idea. But it’s really angered and upset me. Partly at the folks who run the school, refusing to find a new place to run their program. They used to share the building with another program, but that other program left to partner with a local hospital. Now the building is up for sale and Head Start is essentially being kicked out.

Mostly, I’m angry at my community. It’s a small community with a lot of folks who seem to be doing pretty well. But they are also older. As our boy has started high school we have seen how the community doesn’t exactly throw money at its schools.  We don’t have bus service for the high schoolers because of the cost. The school invested in chrome books and what not because their long term cost was cheaper than text books and more instruction could be shifted to digital.

Our community is a bunch of cheap old people who don’t want to pay any more in their taxes to support the folks in their community who are actually young and productive enough to keep the town going. I see more evidence of this whenever I go to drop off and pick up our son from the school, where I see a bunch of retirees queuing up in the parking lot. Folks are incredibly reliant on their extended family here to make these policies work. I also see a bunch of kids walking home in the middle of winter, and our home is a good two or three miles, and on a very busy road, from all of the schools. So if you don’t have that extended family, your kids are just sort of screwed unless you can make it work with your own employment.

While it might not be fair  I see Head Start leaving as just another indicator that my community doesn’t give a damn. The wife and I are essentially preparing ourselves to leave, to move…somewhere. She’s pushing for Cornwall (yes, in England). I don’t know what I’m pushing for exactly, just that I worry about my mom.

Regardless, in the end I have to find a new place for my little girl in the fall, and I’m not happy about it. I like the people she’s with now, and changing that…I don’t like it.