So, only one kid is dead so far

I’ve already seen this narrative being pushed that the good guy with the gun stepped forward and prevented a larger tragedy. This is to take nothing from the officer who stepped up and performed his duty. He should be commended for that.

At the same time, pushing this ridiculous idea that putting armed anybody in schools is the next best step is wholly missing the point that despite the presence of an armed SWAT team member a child still went and grabbed a hand gun, took it to school, shot two people, and was then shot and killed himself (who shot him exactly hasn’t been clearly reported yet – whether it was the officer or if it was self-inflicted). The goal is to make this a non-starter as much as humanly possible. Either foster a society where gunning down a bunch of other kids just isn’t considered as a possible course of action, which would be the ideal, or making it so difficult for kids to get their grubby little hands on a gun that the likelihood of it happening is pushed farther down the likelihood ladder than it is now.

I don’t believe this idea that if anyone wants a gun bad enough they’ll inherently get one. I also don’t believe there is some sort of inherent desire to grab a gun and mow people down encoded in our genetic make-up somewhere. This is a symptom of something wrong in our society.

At some point we need to confront that and actually work on it with the goal of changing it and not just accepting it or ameliorating its repercussions. We have allowed the guns and violence to become a disturbing fetish. Stroke them, oil them, caress their triggers until they bang.  Lauding killing a 17 year old who was trying to kill other teenagers is not a win.

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