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Hacks and Shills

April 18, 2018

Trump is the sixth man that’s held the office of president in my life time. None of the other presidencies seemed to be as full of incompetent, dishonest retches who so blatantly abuse the trappings of their positions while flaunting their inadequacies for their positions so openly.

Trump himself is bad enough. He seems far above his head, more comfortable watching TV and screwing around on his phone before hitting the golf course every weekend than being a functional president. This is bizarrely survivable assuming he puts people into positions of power and influence who are actually good at their jobs and stays out of their way.

Instead, we end up with the likes of Scott Pruitt and Ben Carson, while Trump does everything but stay out of the way of anybody.¬† If it wasn’t my country, it would be laughable. Instead, I feel like I’m watching my favorite sports team manage itself into the basement and knowing they don’t have people in charge who can rebuild it.

Yet it seems there is a solid 30-40% of people who still back this administration. Who are willing to look at it and defend it on some grounds of…I don’t know. Crap thought like “deep states” and some sort of bizarre media¬† cabal built to push electric cars and veganism.

And it is somehow partisan to look at this culture developing among the “conservative” wing of this country and not call it out for what it is: just batshit crazy hatred, fear, and ignorance.

I don’t listen to politics podcasts, I try not to visit CNN very often, because it’s just mind numbing and exhausting. I’m waiting for the next election. And the one after that. And the one after that. Hopefully I’ll be helping purge this ridiculousness from our public sphere.

If not, well, the Wife talks about Canada quite a bit. Nova Scotia looks nice. Cold, desolate…but nice.