How To Dress A Teen

So, we finally got to a point with our teen son where we no longer are getting enough hand-me-downs to clothe him and over the summer he seems to have shot up several inches – though, somehow lost circumference. Which means…clothes shopping.

The Wife and I tried to do some of it last weekend, finding some pants on sale and a Ghibli shirt at Hot Topic, among other things. Which is how we found out that his waist has apparently shrunk by an inch or two, and I’m not sure we’ll be able to find pants that fit.

The Ghibli shirt was Ponyo, with a big bowl of Ramen and “Ponyo Loves Ham!” on it. Ponyo has been the kid’s favorite Ghibli movie since…ever. It’s the only Ghibli movie he quotes from – though, this is pretty much limited to “Ponyo Loves Ham!” – hence why we thought he’d like the shirt.

Nope. He wants the Howl’s Moving Castle shirt instead. WTF. We figure he thinks the Ponyo shirt is too girlish, maybe? Though, I don’t think it’s girlish at all, it’s just a Ponyo tshirt.

So, we have to return 3 pairs of pants and try to find some that are like 28×32, and see if we can exchange that Ponyo shirt for the Howl shirt.  The shirt shouldn’t be a big deal, but that size pants scream full price and damn near impossible to find. I’ve told him to start eating more, but I don’t think he’s going to listen. Or eat enough.

But the eating thing is for another blog post.

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