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So, the hate is on

August 22, 2018

The story of Mollie Tibbetts has become a tragic and sad one. No one should be cut down so young, especially in a way so undeserving. At the same time, politicians shouldn’t be using this as red meat for anti-whatevering such as being done now with their already using this as a bludgeon against immigrants.

The person who did this clearly has something wrong with them. Immigrants, legal or otherwise, don’t have that problem as a group. Statistically they’re not any more or less likely to commit a crime here than anyone else.

But they’re the Other. They are different. We need  a scapegoat other than rich white people to explain income inequality, the inability for our paychecks to keep up with our costs, etc. It’s those damn foreigners taking those farm labor jobs, those kitchen jobs at restaurants, etc.

Just like when some white guy kills someone it’s not an indictment against white guys everywhere, when some South American migrant kills someone it’s not an indictment on South American migrants. That needs to be remembered.


August 13, 2018

The wife and I love a good falafel, but we’ve never been able to get it right at home. We depended on the box mixes, which are really just glorified pancake mixes. They didn’t always taste bad, and we sort of handicapped ourselves a bit by sticking to mixes that didn’t have to be fried. It’s just a mess neither of us wanted to deal with.

I’d came across this recipe from America’s Test Kitchen (ATK), though. I love ATK. And their recipes consistently work out well for us. They have a recipe for bibimbop in their recent vegetarian cookbook that just nails it

We didn’t have The Boy for the weekend, so I decided to finally try it. The Boy hates falafel for reasons we don’t really understand. I think it’s just one of those stupid, unreasoned bits of defiance and bitchiness that defined all of us as teenagers. Not wanting the expected negativity, I had avoided fixing it.

The falafel turned out well, though. I didn’t have the fresh herbs, so I subbed in what I had in the spice cabinet which was just Italian seasoning and parsley. The Wife doesn’t care for onion, but she’s fine with onion powder, so that got thrown in. I used 1.5 teaspoons of each.

The flavor turned out well, easily better than the boxed stuff we usually got, and it wasn’t super messy. I don’t have a fryer, and I didn’t want to use nearly that much oil. I used  a smallish sauce pan, maybe a cup and a half of oil. Enough to (mostly) cover each piece. It took about three minutes before I turned them over and made sure I got the other half of each piece. There was some splatter, but it wasn’t more than expected.

A positive to the frying that I hadn’t thought of was that they reheated really well by just popping them into the microwave. They just sucked up that oil from the frying and it helped keep them from being hard little rocks when nuked.

We also didn’t make the tahini sauce because I didn’t want to make an extra trip to the store for the greek yogurt. Instead, we used ranch salad dressing. We liked it. Knowing how well the recipe turned out, we’ll probably be more likely to go the extra mile and getting all of the ingredients and doing it right. Though, it’s always good to know you can do the recipe quick and dirty, with ingredients you can keep in the cupboard and not have to go out of your way to get.

We just went on a five mile hike this morning

August 7, 2018

This is really a small thing in a conversation. What did you today? we went to a metro park, took a hike. It was fun.

It’s also something my wife and I just can’t do.

We went out to eat at the new seafood place.

Well, the couple we were talking to did. My wife and I didn’t. Again, it’s just not an option.

This is what bothers me when people act as if their pets are children. This is what humors me about childless couples. It’s their choice, and that’s fine, just as having kids was my choice.

But don’t act like your springer spaniel is equivalent to my three year old.

Thought a lot of this is beside the point I really want to get to, I’m just struggling finding the way. It’s not so much that other people have more freedom that they really don’t understand they have, it’s that I don’t. And I have a feeling a lot of parents are in the same boat, and people who aren’t parents don’t get that. The Wife mentioned she is really looking forward and hoping to get the VW Microbus when it’s brought back out in 2020, and how the configurable interior is a massive selling point for her.

And the folks we were hanging out with didn’t really get it until the wife looked over and said, “it’s like they have our dog, but three of them (referencing our kids and the dog we’re planning on getting). Then it made sense.

Other than the fact that it took comparing our kids to dogs for this to sink in, the very idea of being able to move around the seats in your vehicle, easily move them around, and set up different areas where you could play a board game, watch tv, etc. was so incomprehensible. Yeah, we’re parents. Customizing a space to fit our family, to fit our kids, would be a really big thing.

We can’t go on a five mile hike in the morning, at least not easily. We have a three year old who would have to go with us. If we want to put up the fight, the 14 year old would be going, too. There is all of the packing and preparing that goes with ranging from drinks to snacks to change of clothes to toys for the car to sun screen to bug spray, etc. etc. etc. What should be a relaxing hike becomes a foray into the wilds where I may or may not have to carry a three year old for several miles.

And lately this lack of freedom has been getting to me.

Such as right now. The Boy wanted money to go out to lunch with the other kids in his section at band camp. Yesterday, lunch was at 11, so when 11 rolled around and I didn’t hear from him I figured I was in the clear until later this afternoon. So I started in on a project of hanging a wall length shelf in his room, and moving some other shelves around to accomodate it. Forty minutes in, I get a text.

He wants picked up for lunch.

He doesn’t want to go to Chipotle.

My start on this project that should have been small is now going to drag out through the rest of the afternoon and become a pain in the ass because it will bleed into the time to pick him up, which will bleed into the time to make supper, which will bleed into library time, which will take my entire day and flush it.

Something will get done at some point, though, right?