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He’s just another Republican

September 3, 2018

On the one hand I totally get how so many people so loudly object to Trump. His actions, his words, his demeanor, it’s not just a disgrace to the office, it’s a totally lousy human being. If there is anything redeeming to him he has yet to show it.

On the other hand, strictly from a political angle, how is he surprising anyone? I mean, he’s a bit more up front with the crazy, hateful, angry crap he does but…he’s really just pushing the GOP agenda that’s been their talking points for quite awhile now.

Hates immigrants unless they’re white? Yep.

Hates any social institution regardless of its necessity and good? Yep.

Hypocritically embraces ideas, programs, and laws that they would normally rail against? Yep.

Gives as much money and power as possible to those who already have an abundance of both? Yep.

I mean, there are aspects of the conservative ideology that could be argued in something resembling good faith, but the stuff that seems to really set people off and appears to be shoving them towards the ballot box this fall to vote for a Democrat? That stuff seems like nothing that should be a surprise to anyone.

I’m not a hyper political person, but all that’s happened over the past 18 months, politically, just hasn’t been very surprising considering who is in power. If anything, I think there’s been less accomplished than what we should have expected because they are so damn dysfunctional and nuts.

I’m not going to argue over more people going to the ballot box but, like, where were you before?