A Peek Beneath the Lid

We have a funeral to go to this weekend. Relation of relation. He’s Catholic, so there’s a lot of stuff going on with the viewing and the burial, a Rosary, a trip to a church for something. As you can tell, I’m not exactly religious. I know we have to go, I’m not sure what’s going on. Not what this post is about, though.

It’s made me wonder what to do with my own funeral. With the funerals of others, if/when they go, that I will have to have an actual hand in. I’m trying to decide if I want any sort of burial at all. A viewing might be okay, some sort of memorial. maybe instead of my corpse, just a big picture and a lot of food for people to drop by and chat for a bit, if they feel up to it. I don’t know.

Also trying to imagine what my mom would want. We don’t have much family alive, neither of us are really religious in any way, or have ever been. So it’s not like there are any rites to perform, any ceremonies we feel an obligation to.

I honestly have an increasingly difficult time feeling as if it matters to me at all. It’s often been told to me that all of this stuff is for the living more than the dead, which seems sort of obvious. I don’t know. in the end, it might just come down to money for a lot of it. not sure I like the idea of a lot of money spend on my funeral in any way. Seems a waste.


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