talks of circadian rhythm

I’m apparently going to be up now. I’ve been up for a little over an hour, it’s now 532am. I don’t know why I woke up when I did, I only had a little over four hours of sleep at the time, but I did. It was that hard, snap awake. The kind you know you’re not going to recover from. so I just got up. checked on the kids. Took the dog out. Somehow ate an hour away like that. For waking up so early, I feel like I’ve already lost time today.

Feels like I just lose time every day lately. Try to move forward, take two steps back. Keep having appointments pop up and they are never for the time I thought they were. It feels like everyone is just randomly changing appointment times on me, but I know I probably just wrote the wrong time down on the calendar.

Had to make decaf this morning because the wife is working from home. Caffeine is like gasoline for her. She has it in the morning, she says it keeps her up in the evening. Can’t sleep. I don’t understand it, really. I think I’ve just inured myself to it. The caffeine, that is. I go through a pot of it most days. I think it picks me up at the time. I think. But it definitely doesn’t keep me up nights.

Listening to REM right now.  About to sign out of this. Maybe take a shower. Had to look up the meaning of inured. I put it down without thinking and worried I didn’t know what it actually meant. I knew it, though. Oddly reassuring. Maybe update later with a real update. I even have pictures, if I can figure out how to put them into these things.

If not, have a good day folks.

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