This isn’t like donating a building

The whole college cheating thing is clinging to the headlines, largely on the backs of a couple of actresses. The details are ugly. Some wealthy people paid to cheat on exams. They paid to bribe coaches of some less popular (but usually “elite”) college sports to help grease the skids to get kids in on for athletic reasons when the kid never played the sports in question. Yeah, some other deserving kids probably missed out (or maybe some other wealthy kids didn’t get in unfairly because these other wealthy kids beat them to the punch. Oh, the irony.).

But I just keep going back to this line I heard on the radio, from whatever government agency was giving a press conference about it. “This isn’t like donating a building.”

well, bullshit.

It’s wealthy people exploiting a system because they have a bunch of money to get what they want. The issue is that these folks paid a lot of money, but I don’t think they paid new library money. And that’s the problem. In a weird way, they were bringing the whole “buy my kid into a great school” down a notch to a lower level of crazy wealth. This isn’t just for the ungodly wealthy, but now the purely godly wealthy can do it, too.

And for someone like me, yeah, this is functionally the same as the guy who donates a building to get his kid in. Either way the school is admitting a kid who didn’t earn it. Either way a deserving kid is supposedly not getting that spot because they couldn’t donate enough money to have a residence dorm named after them.

If you want me to take this seriously, then remove the influence of money entirely. How you do that, I don’t know. But until you do, I’m not going to get up in arms over an actress blowing $15K to make sure her daughter had some kickin’ SAT scores. It’s just life in America. It’s how it works.

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