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Progress is Slow

May 23, 2020

Finally started making progress on one of the (many) unfinished rooms of the house. Got the attic stairs out, patched the hole, and am almost done mudding the room before sanding everything down and painting.

It’s been…hard. I struggle with motivation. I guess my stick-to-it-tiveness isn’t that great. I also lack confidence.

I do the best I can. the end results usually aren’t terrible. but I can’t help feeling that whatever I am doing is a slow-motion car accident.

Very slow-motion.

the room I’m finishing is going to be my daughter’s new bedroom. She’s looking forward to it. I think we all are. she just lost her first tooth yesterday. She’s growing up so fast.

Which doesn’t help my motivation.


I just want things to slow down a bit. Which is maybe a little odd, considering we’ve been trapped at home for a few months now. Life seemingly taking out a go slow order.

We lost our dog awhile back, and it sort of opened the mental gate for her in regards to touching death for the first time.

It breaks me.

I think that as all of us grow older we come to grips with the idea of a world without us in it. Something I didn’t understand until I had kids was having to come to grips with the idea of a world without them.

But she’s growing up.

And I’m growing old.