I figured it’s time to update this as this blog has seemed to finally find a bit of a focus. First, I’m a writer. I live in Cleveland with my girlfriend and a six year old kid. For all intents and purposes they are my life while everything else takes a backseat.

This blog has morphed into a semi-serious critique driven vehicle where I try to take thirty minutes to an hour to pound out 900 or so words about whatever I have read lately. I have some background in lit theory and writing long, tedious papers with gobs of research and background work. My goal for this has become to provide mini versions of those minus the research for if I was doing the research, I’d be bumping these things up to 15-20 pages and gunning for publication in various journals. What these things might best be described of are idea points. To the regular person these things are probably boring as all hell. I also sprinkle in the occasional link day and little bits about the changing world of literature. And I’ve considered branching out into movie critiques, maybe starting another blog up entirely for it.

As for my writing life outside of the blog, it’s just your typical fiction and poetry. I’m closing in on finishing a novel. It’s not bad, it’s not great. I hope to sell it, make a few bucks and, beyond that, I don’t really know.

Considering I do a blog that focuses on semi-serious criticizing of works rather than a bland hate it/love it review, I guess I should mention that I do have a BA in English: Creative Writing and an MA in English Literature. I have one paper, co-authored with Davin Heckman, called “But The Honey-Glazed Chicken is to Die For!”  about to be published and I have had a handful of short stories published. Also, I have a chapbook, The Pleasure Principle.

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    Hi, nice to meet you !

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