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Tired, Tired and More Tired

March 8, 2010

I’m sitting here working on The Re-Write, or at least trying to work on The Re-Write, line by line, and I just can’t concentrate worth a lick. on top of that my typing is a bit off. Instead of the C, I hit the X. Instead of the D, there’s an F. It wouldn’t be so bad if the letters were in any way interchangeable but they’re not and no matter what word I’m trying to put up on the screen, it comes out entirely wrong.

I’ve went through a few cups of coffee. Tried exercising. Even tried napping.

Doesn’t help. At all. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

And I keep trying to grind out The Re-Write. Keep trying to not only find the mistakes, find the problems, then find the fixes, find the right words to take the place of wrong words, but then get them down. the whole thing pours like molassas from my fried mind through my clumsy fingers.

I’m thinking about trying tea next. this is because I have an ever dwindling supply of coffee filters, though I also have a new coffee I have been waiting to open and try. ┬áStill, i think tea will be the next attempt at forced wakefulness. It is as if I am attempting to force my mind to walk into a state roughly approximating coherence and it is stubbornly refusing to budge, having to be dragged every inch of the way.

Strangely, this blog helps a bit. Sitting down and just writing something without having to first go through the mental hoops of re-reading, criticizing, editing, etc. is liberating in a mental exercise sort of way. this isn’t to say that it will stay with me five minutes beyond finishing this blog but that maybe it will give me a five, ten, okay, thirty minute window into clarity today that I wouldn’t have had else wise. There are some days where you just take what you can get and be happy with it.

Bending Sinister at 1230am

October 2, 2008

There are nights where I can’t sleep despite how desperately I want to. Everyone probably has these nights. Maybe something happened during the day that has keyed you up to the point where sleep is veritably impossible or maybe there are too many ugly whispers inside your head to shut out and relax.

And then there are nights, like tonight, where you just don’t care to sleep and you find yourself pouring a cup of coffee at thirty after midnight. The caffeine’s not good for you. you’re too old to not be affected by it, it’s not like you’re twenty any more and can shrug the stuff off and collapse into sleep regardless. It’s also not as if you can stay up til four or five, sleep for two hours, and be fine. You won’t be fine at all. you’ll feel like shit. You might even feel physically ill from it.

So why do I do it? Why does the old man not learn? I don’t know. But it was just one of those nights for midnight coffee. It makes me think of the episode of West Wing where they are flying back to Washington at 3 in the morning, having meetings and what not on the plane and someone asks why they couldn’t just go back in the morning. Martin Sheen replies along the line┬áthat there’s just something about meeting at 3am that allows you to speak your dreams. Then admits that it’s simply because there isa meeting in the morning that he can’t postpone or something.

While I don’t have a meeting in the morning, maybe tonight is the night to speak dreams.

I hope so. The writing is going slowly. If anyone looks they will see a massive gap between posts here. I sit down and start writing something here or anywhere and it just dies. I have stuff in my head but it just doesn’t want to budge right now, I guess. This isn’t to say that I haven’t pushed a few things across the finish line. A few short stories or prose pieces have gotten done but the larger projects have just gone to pot. I almost feel like putting them aside and working on something else entirely. Nothing like spreading yourself too thin that gives you the illusion of work and progress while actually standing still.

Even with these longer projects I have the ideas in my head, I know what I want to say but I can’t bridge the gap to knowing how to say it. It’s like we’re on opposing sides of a canyon and I keep trying to shout them across but they’re not making it. They just reveberate off the walls of the canyon below, crashing into itself and creating a garbled mess.

Everytime I sit down to work on Green, it feels like a garbled mess. I might be worrying too much about the fact of the history rather than creating a history of facts. It’s largely biographical and I think that’s hanging me up. That and I’m not trusting the narrative that I am establishing. it’s very loose and roaming. It just sort of meanders from connection to connection, time to time. It’s fun in a way but it’s also…odd. It’s almost like walking down a street and every time you bump into someone you follow them for a bit until you bump into someone else. Except after awhile I’ll just be bumping into the same people over and over again and wandering around a clustered group of interrelated stories.

Which could be really cool, if I can get it moving and pull it off. I’ve considered doing an outline. Nothing too exact but just a loose listing of points to hit and places to go. The problem is that every time I have done an outline I haven’t followed it and for a brief moment I end up filled with anxiety over not following it. I feel like I am deviating too much and that I am destined to crash but I always right the ship and keep moving and the worries prove unwarranted.

On a late night side note, I share a birthday not only with Earth Day but with Vladimir Nabokov as well. Go Vladdy Go