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Fuck this talking about writing. That’s for hacks.

May 9, 2009

I fell behind on this thing. A combination of illness, life changes, deaths, depression, lack of booze, and not really finding much of anything to say about literature or writing. Both things tend to bore me a bit after a short while.

That might be a fair share of the reason why I could never work up much enthusiasm for that MA in English Literature. I cuoldn’t will myself to just sit there and bullshit about some short story or novel or what someone else sat down and bullshitted about and feel it was productive or interesting or worth a damn.  First, what would anyone really care about my opinion for? I’ve been somewhat shocked every time I see someone leave a message here for the same reason. I just consider this something I have said and that it should only be of importance to me. Anyone else finding it at all important is something that I was always amazed by.

So I’m just going to start talking about whatever I want here. Take the idea of loose leaf bound to its logical point of existence. A true collection of random thoughts and ideas and posting and whatever else all just sort of lumped together and damn its coherency.

Coherency is overrated.

My girlfriend is taking some class talking about the structure of a novel. I don’t understand why you need a class for this. Apparently, they will read some different novels and then talk about them. Why do you need a class for this? Just read the thing. Go to the library or to Borders andsift through the stacks. Then read it. Think about it. And go from there.

the idea of a novel having structure at all irks me. Write enough words and you have a novel. Everything after that is just a question of quality. Is it good or is it crap? All a novel ever really signified to me was length. Everything else was  and is fair game.

Listening to The Rolling Stones. I heard a couple of songs on the radio about a month ago. They had a country acoustic feel to them. I had never gotten into the stones so I wasn’t familiar enough to place any of it. Ended up posting a query at a message board I go to and some albums were suggested. I just got around to grabbing some of the suggestions. Beggers Banquet is a helluva album.

I talked a bit about writing here. Still on topic.Maybe I can make it into a chapbook.

Writing, Reading and (maybe) Getting Published

September 15, 2008

Welcome to Loose Leaf Bound. This post will act as a statement of purpose of sorts-outlining what I hope to cover here, what I hope to accomplish and what you are likely to find as this blog evolves and, hopefully, evolves into a larger website of its own.

I am an out-of-work English major with an MA in English Literature and a BA in English with a focus on Creative Writing. In the dim and distant past I also collected an AA in General Studies. I am currently looking for work, though probably a bit half-assedly.  What I really enjoy doing is reading fiction, poetry, prose, watching flash movies, and generally enjoying anything that is creative and interesting. And what I do well is writing fiction, poetry, prose and failing to learn how to compile flash movies. Unfortunately, I don’t do so well when it comes to researching, caring about Professional Criticism and then writing some pointless, soulless paper eviscerating and examining fiction, poetry, prose or badly compiled flash movies.

Which explains why I’m not pursuing a PhD and am trying to find gainful employment in the worst place possible: michigan (last I heard, over 12% unemployment. Go Blue!)

What I hope to accomplish with this blog is to explore the process of writing. I will talk about what I’m working on, why I’m working on it, how I’m trying to work on it, etc. I’m sure this will be, at times, just a sounding board for me (and you) as I try to sort through some problem I’ve encountered. At other times it’ll probably get messy and philosophical and slightly introspective in a drive way puddle sort of way. I am sorry for these moments. They will be easier if you have some liquor handy.

Other times I will talk about something I’m reading or is being published. In effect, it’ll be a place to share what I find interesting and worth a look at. On the negative side, I live in michigan and I am sure I will be behind something new and fun. But on the flip side of that I often read old stuff anyway-so maybe this will also be a place to make old things new again.

This includes links to whatever interesting site I stumble across that is in some way related to literature, publishing, etc.

In other words, this blog will be a hodge podge of many different things all brought under this one umbrella. Hopefully it will be helpful to anyone who wanders by. Hopefully I will do well in holding up my end of the bargain.

What I won’t be doing (at least as far as I can foresee) is sharing any of my actual work on here. For whatever reason it just doesn’t seem appropriate.

I hope toget a schedule in place for blog updates, so this thing can have some sort of reliability for when new content will definitely be posted. Right now I’m thinking it will be Tuesday and Thursday because the acts of writing and reading are so time consuming, I should have enough time between posts to have something to write about.

That’s all for this one. Hope it is easily the least interesting blog I do here and I’ll see everyone again on Tuesday.