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landscaping has never been so hard

May 12, 2009

I either need to get younger or trimming out trees and bushes needs to get easier because I remember it being a helluva lot easier when I was younger.

For two hours tonight I hacked and cut at trees and shrubs or bushes or whatever you want to call these things that we just call the prickly things. They have these thorns all over the place that have a unique ability to grab, snag or puncture any but of flesh or cloth within five inches of them. At some point one will be imbedded in your hand. You will have multiple scratches across your forearms, most drawing blood. They are hellish things that the birds love because they are so entangled and messy that they make great cover for making their nests. Which is also why we hesitate to hack all of them out like we should have years ago.

The first one I took aim at was a dead prickly thing. I took the axe and started swinging. Chunks of hard and dead wood flesh started flying. The pricklky thing is so dead that it shakes with each hit and distributes the energy horribly efficiently. I keep hacking at it. Then I decide to put my weight to my advantage and I grab one of the trunks that I’ve been hacking away from because these things erupte from the ground like a many tentacled beast. I grab this one tentacle and I lean into it and then I pull back, wood is snapping and cracking and the thing leans drunkenly towards me and I stumble and the thing is coming down and then I’m lost in all of this sharp dead shrubbery.

I get out of the stuff. I look at the mess. That’s one down. There’s a row of these damn things. And pine trees that need trimmed. Aw hell. So I move to the next one. I lift the axe. The damn thing shakes and it all starts over again.

My mom comes out. My reciprocating saw dies. I get a handsaw which actually works better.  She’s picking out limbs that I am then hacking off and then she’s spraying the gaping stumps with undercoating to seal the things off from bugs and whatever else might like to get in there and kill our trees. I swing the axe again and again and again. I work the handsaw through limb after limb. Two hours later and we’re done.

I’m looking at the work we have done. We have done good work. I go over my body in my mind.My shoulders are sore now. My arm is sore. My lower back aches. I think of having to pick up all of the limbs now littering the ground and the stumps that now need to be dug out. I remember all of this being so much easier when I was younger.  I’m getting old and the trees are letting me know it.