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So, it was a funeral

February 4, 2019

It was a long weekend of going “home” to a funeral for an in-law’s spouse’s father. Niece was having a tough time of it, the nephew was a bit young to really cadge on to what was happening or the implications of it. Which was probably for the best.

We let The Boy have screens for the weekend, despite his grades, because other kids would have them and making it possible for him to fit in a bit easier takes precedence over enforcing what is a weeks long punishment. He is obscenely bright. Despite his difficulties he routinely tests over the 95th percentile in every subject. But he also refuses to do the work necessary to bring home school grades at all in line with his abilities. We’ve recently started him on some ADHD meds, hoping they help allow him to draw in and do what’s necessary to get better grades.

When he reads something, it just seems to go through his eyes and out his ears. He picks up and remembers a rough sketch of what he read, but he’s unable to readily go beneath that. Give him a question about the reading and his written response is often not answering the question given, but if you ask him verbally he works out the answer. So the answer isĀ there he just has a very difficult time accessing it, I guess. We’re really hoping the meds help with this in some way.

Back to the weekend, though. And his adventure with video games. He has a really tough time handling video games and maintaining the ability to interact with people on a functional level. Something he would disagree strongly with but, well, yeah. We have things like this weekend to offer as counter evidence.

What makes it worse is that one of his favorite games updated recently and he had invested a lot of emotional capital into playing it this weekend. So, any time this investment was threatened the reaction wasn’t pretty. By the end of the weekend he was spending time in his room upset over being told he was being obsessive with his game playing and huffing and blowing around the house when told to put the game system away.

For some reason The Wife was leery of pushing the meds over the weekend. I’m thinking it might have been a mistake, but maybe it wouldn’t have mattered. It’ll be interesting to watch him the next week or so, in and out of school, to see if his behavior noticeably alters with the stuff. We were warned it might not, that these meds might just not do anything, or that the dose might be too small.

To be honest, I am to the point where I sort of just need something to work. The combination of the ADHD/spectrum-y things and just the natural crazy teenagery things he does is just getting too psychologically and emotionally exhausting for me. Especially when his 4 year old sister has been going through a spell lately of her own growth spurt craziness.

on the bright side, we got our camera back this weekend. We forgot it the last time we were up. Look forward to taking more pics.