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Hail Chris Kimball! Hail Chris Kimball!

January 23, 2017

well, yesterday I made veggie bibimbap. It’s a Korean dish with rice, a whole bunch of veggies, some pickled veggies as a side, and a soft fried egg – though we went ahead, broke the yolks, and cooked them through. I had very little confidence in pulling this off at all, especially the eggs where my general lack of patience in putting together a meal really just works against me in all sorts of ways.

But apparently I damn near nailed it. Even the kid didn’t hate it, or at least he didn’t mind everything but the pickled veggies (carrots, bean sprouts, and cucumber).

Except I didn’t nail it. Chris Kimball nailed it. The recipe I used comes from America’s Test Kitchen Complete Vegetarian Cookbook. If you’re a vegetarian, or your spouse, or whoever…this is quickly becoming a must have recommendation from me. I have it out of the library right now, and I went through it and bookmarked all of the recipes that seemed interesting, and essentially 3/4 of the book has a slip of paper tucked into it. This has become the first step in deciding what cookbook we want to buy. ┬áNeedless to say this is a book that has passed this first step.

But this isn’t so much about the book as about the guy who apparently built this empire of foolproof cooking. The Wife and I were talking about the bibimbap last night, and I had just heard part of the Milk Street Radio Show while picking up some chocolate covered pretzels that we’re selling as part of a parents of toddlers group we’re in, and it became a conversation about the singularity of Chris Kimball.

From what I understand, everything began with Kimball putting together Cook’s Country magazine, which was very…spartan, I guess, when it first came up. Perhaps a better way of explaining it is that it had a honed focus on creating the best recipes it could, and giving people the ability to cook something, and to cook it well, just by following the directions.

Cook’s Country is still around.

Then there is America’s Test Kitchen.

Now there is Milk Street.

These three things encompass many things within their spheres from television shows to radio shows, from podcasts to cookbooks, to a cooking school.

Yes, this man is busy. He’s also exacting, talented, and a true gift to the at home cook. In twenty years, he is someone who should be talked about in the same vein as Julia Childs and Jacque Pepin as chefs who brought the nuts and bolts of cooking into the home, pulled back the curtain, and made it wholly accessible. This is different from people like Mario Batalli and Anthony Bourdain (both of whom I also enjoy). Yeah, they’re chefs, yeah, they talk about food. But they don’t make it accessible. They don’t put the pan in our hands in the same way and make their experience ours.

If you like cooking, and somehow have not drifted into Chris Kimball’s orbit, you need to do yourself a favor and take yourself there.