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Moving Pelfrey and Sanchez to the pen helps the Tigers

June 1, 2016

There have been at least two articles about the woes of the Tigers starting pitching surrounding Pelfrey and Sanchez, and I’m sure there are more. I like the idea, and their ability to go out and at least get through a lineup twice could be a huge positive for us. Much is made that our only real replacements for them are kids who haven’t seen a full season in the bigs yet, but if we had two guys in the pen who could routinely get up and spell them after four or five innings, it would limit the young guys’ exposure and their innings, while keeping Pelfrey and Sanchez engaged and getting some innings for themselves.

The biggest problem is roster spots, but looking at our active roster at ESPN, we could get away with just sending Farmer back down and recalling one of Norris/Greene to allow us to run a rotation of Zimmerman, Verlander, Fulmer, Boyd, Norris/Green while shifting Pelfrey and Sanchez to the pen. We could even send Boyd back down and run with Norris and Greene as our fourth and fifth starters. We’d also be keeping all of our late inning options.

Regardless of what they do, anything would probably be better than what the Tigers have been doing.