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PBS just takes up too much money…

January 19, 2017

…and other bullshit the Republicans try to pass off as truth. Alyssa Rosenberg has a good article up today about threats by the GOP to use killing off things like the Endowment for the Arts, the Endowment for the Humanities, and funding for public broadcasting in the guise of balancing the budget.

She runs the numbers quite well and is worth looking at just for that in seeing how much money is actually budgeted for those things versus the size of the budget as a whole. What could also be mentioned is the over $500 billion budgeted for the military. For comparison’s sake, China had the second highest budget in the world for their military and it came in at less than $150 billion. Do we really get $350 billion dollars worth of advantage over China? I don’t think so. And the billions that will be added back onto the budget if/when the GOP manages to actually kill the ACA, and maybe try to replace it with whatever cocked up scheme they can that will really just be another way of sending thousands of people to an early grave since they can no longer afford insurance to cover their health costs.

The point is the same as Rosenberg’s. There are many places where actual budget savings can be had, pork that could be cut if they were really interested in doing it, priorities shifted that would maybe spend our tax dollars better. The money saved by going after these programs has nothing to do with the budget.