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Trying to keep a dot journal

February 8, 2019

Since the beginning of February I’ve been trying to keep a better day to day account of my life. Once, long ago, I had the wholly unrealistic thought that this blog would do that, but it was just such a time suck that I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t update every day. Then it became stressful because there were the eventual days where there just wasn’t enough to say to warrant a blog post. So, I’d sit and stare at this empty box, trying to find something to fill it with and not succeeding. It was lousy.

But I still feel the need to try to keep some account of my life, just as a way of seeing where I am at, where I have been, and the steps I take every day to try to get to where  I want to end up. Also, it’s just kind of nice to have a list every day for what I did. Too often it feels as if nothing happened, that the day was just totally wasted, even if I did do something, like five loads of laundry, making dinner, getting the kids to/from whatever they have going on, etc.

What gave  me a push for this is that my wife has been keeping one for over a year now. It’s this big, crazy thing with all sorts of lists, and drawings, and I don’t know what all. It’s something way too ambitious for me, but I liked the freedom of the form without pre-printed lines, boxes, headings, etc.  The dots make it easy to create my own boxes and whatever, to find whatever form I need to fit my needs.

I’m still finding my way with this thing. I want to add a section to start doing weekly menus. I don’t know how other folks are, but we tend to have various food stuffs in the kitchen where we have 3/4 of the ingredients for any dish but miss 1/4 of ingredients we most desperately need. My goal is to be able to pare back on the extra food in the kitchen and to cut back on our grocery bills by having more focused needs from week to week.

this sort of planning does not come naturally to me, though. It’s really hard for me to get into this habit and to embrace, though I know it will take a fair amount of stress out of my life. Trying to decide what to do for supper shouldn’t be stressful, it shouldn’t be a big deal, but it becomes one. And then there are a lot of days lately where I just don’t want to fix anything.

Hopefully, I can get into this. And then I will start updating with more home made food successes/failures. Hopefully. Off to do laundry.