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Book Links 10-23-12

October 23, 2012

Peter Osnos has a  short article up at The Atlantic saying to ignore the doomsayers. In many ways I agree with him. While tech is throwing a major disruption at the publishing industry, it is also throwing gobs of opportunities at it. Unfortunately, publishing houses seem to be barely more adept at change as the recording industry and have allowed the tech, and tech companies, to get out ahead and threaten to lap them. This is where I think the real worry is with publishing – that the business will not only be disrupted, but that they won’t adapt quickly enough to stay relevant, and will be wedged into a position by other, more adaptable companies (like Amazon).

For you poetry lovers out there, Melville House has an article up about the return of the villanelle. I’m not really into the whole poetry scene, and I won’t be able to remember what a villanelle is for the life of me, but it’s something I don’t see much talk about, and I figure someone else might like seeing it. I like the idea that some sort of form is finding popularity again. Free verse is nice and all, but every time I pick up a lit mag and try reading the poetry, it’s stuffed with free verse and it rarely grabs me.  It’s just everywhere, and a lot of it isn’t done well. instead, it reads more like someone took the first lines from every paragraph in a story and just strung them together. Which actually might not be a bad idea. It’s mine! Don’t steal it! (though I’m guessing there’s been at least twenty people who have done it already any way).

Finally, Apple hauled out the ipad mini today. I don’t have a link for it because I’m sure you can find links everywhere if you want a peek at it. It’s definitely a big deal, though, if for no other reason than that it is Apple. Oddly, this is the first time I’ve seen some obvious brushback against an Apple product in quite awhile. The cost plus the lack of any truly special hardware plus the small storage size and inability to upgrade seem to have hit some people in a very much wrong way. I think it’ll be a well designed and durable piece of tech, but a bit on the expensive side for me.