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An abundance of crap devalues the good junk

March 12, 2015

Earlier today a tweet from Alyssa Rosenberg caught my eye. She was linking to this article in the Business Insider that goes into detail about how the author finds the $15 price tag that HBO is putting on its new Now service to be too high, especially in comparison to Netflix’s sub-ten dollar rates. Rosenberg comments that she is always surprised how people put a low value on content they love, and I think it’s a good observation. I think the problem is that there is now so much crap out there for free that paying anything for something feels wrong somehow. Steve Kovach, the author of the Business Insider article, uses Netflix as his counter example for a service that charges less but has a significantly larger pool from which view from, but he could have just as easily used Youtube.

Try it. Go to Youtube, click on something trending that tickles your fancy, and then see how quickly you get sucked down the rabbit hole. It doesn’t matter if the video quality sucks, if the script writing is non-existent, and the actors (assuming it’s not animal tricks and or kids trying to be overly stupid on skateboards) are not exactly Meryl Streep caliber.

And it doesn’t matter.

Open up Netflix and see what’s trending. Pick a category to browse and see how far you scroll down and how much of the catelog is stuff that amazes only in the sense that someone shelled out the cash for it to be made in the first place. Then look at how much of the crap you watch (I watch a fair chunk).

For less than ten buck a month we are granted access to a near unlimited cache of crap. For the cost of an internet connection we have youtube. $15 for HBO? Yeah, I like True Detective. Yeah, I’m curious about Game of Thrones.

But $15?

The next hour I spend on youtube is nothing. Hey, look, it’s Earl Sinclair covering Biggie’s Hypnotize. 

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February 13, 2014

In case you’ve been living in a hole this morning, you’ve probably heard about how Comcast is looking to buy Time Warner Cable.   Personally, I don’t get how this doesn’t hurt consumers. Removing choice, removing competition, putting more companies under fewer umbrellas..yeah, great for rich people, kinda bones the rest of us, though. What’s especially scary is how this could work with a world without net neutrality. It’s a defacto regulation of the internet where a handful (or maybe just one) company can set prices to play. Want a blog? Pay this. Want to publish a video podcast? That’ll cost ya. Want to stream video over the internet that directly competes with legacy television powers? Oohhhh, netflix needs to find a nice bridge to crawl under and die. How does this affect publishing? Well, look at Amazon’s push into that market. Look at the gobs of fan fiction. Look at the various lit blogs (hello!) that still litter the net. If access to these forms becomes restricted in some way, don’t think they will only come for the big boys. They might be first, but they won’t be the last. The control may come from nothing else than Comcast being able to make cable so cost prohibitive (and service so miserable) that people forgo it.  People don’t trust the government because of a fear of it becoming too powerful, but don’t trust these corporations, either. We need the government and the business world to counterbalance each other, never getting too friendly and never getting too antagonistic. The problem is they’ve been buddy-buddy for too long, and maybe the idea of the internet falling under an ever smaller net will be very appealing to an espionage heavy government.

Do you write? Are you supposed to be writing right now but you are procrastinating instead? You’re not alone.

Finally, I made these today. They are still cooling in the fridge, so I won’t know how they are for awhile yet, but I’m looking forward to it. I had another lit link or two, but I want to re-read them first. Things have been a bit up in the air in Casa el Loose Leaf Bound. We’re looking at buying new flooring for the house, I’m finishing a cedar chest and a writing desk, and we just found out the wife is pregnant with a parasite…er, kid. Yeah. They only become parasites later, right? as they leech off your time, your vitality, and your will to live. Anyway. There ya go. Also, I ate too much peanut stir fry and I’m kind of nauseous now. Too much info.