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I don’t get it

July 24, 2016

Maybe it’s because I don’t have enough skin in the game and was always willing to vote for whoever wasn’t Donald Trump, but the email leak hullabaloo just doesn’t make any sense to me. Everything I have seen about it just seems like internal bitching about a guy they felt needed to wake up and get out of the way. Yeah, it might rub some of his supporters the wrong way, especially if they are looking for reasons why he lost, but absolutely nothing seems like a smoking gun, or even that big of a deal. Go through your own emails/private messages at work and you’re likely to see a similar thread of bitching about whatever daily things come up and get in the way of what you perceive to be the bigger picture.

Instead, this seems to have the potential for people to blow up in a collective OMG moment and blow it up into something far bigger than it actually is.  Which seems to be what happens with the Clintons. On the one hand, it can be said that maybe they court this stuff, but on the other the public and media seems to be like crack addicts every time the whiff of a scandal floats in the air. From the Ken Starr fueled non-sense of President Clinton’s terms to Senator Clinton’s email mess  there never seems to be any sense of perspective or restraint.

Meanwhile, the GOP nominee repeatedly gives twitter support neonazis, wants to back out of every treaty he can remember, and employs as many people with ties to Putin and Russian oligarchy as he can and we don’t hear boo about it from the media at large or supposedly independent sources such as  Wikileaks.

The real story here shouldn’t be the DNC and it’s ridiculously mundane email gripe fest but the who and why behind who obtained the emails in the first place.

Well, Russia is batshit crazy.

May 20, 2014

It’s always a weird experience when reality broadsides non-reality. While bitching about the US and throwing around Orwell references is a bit of a past time of mine, they’re never something so unflinchingly accurate that I stop and think, well, hell. They’ve gone and done it. Well, Russia has gone and done it. They’ve outlawed swearing. In and of itself, this is ridiculous, and it goes right in line with the fear Russia has shown towards how people communicate (Pussy Riot, anyone?) and people expressing themselves.  Layered on top of this is my reading Vladimir Sorokin’s Day of the Oprichnik daily in the bathroom. In it, one of the things the government has done is ban swearing. not just in media, but in every day life by everyone.

now, Russia is most certainly a bit batshit crazy with this. Sorry if you’re Russian and I offend you, or if you are really against swearing and you fully embrace this law, but it’s nuts. It’s also not what I really thought about when I had these pairs of experiences come together. instead, it was of convergence.  it seems life is a series of convergences where two things come together and bounce off of each other to either explain each other or deepen each other or destroy each other or what have you. Humanity isn’t expanded or contracted in a vacuum.  Another example would be Stephen King’s old short story Rage which seemed to predict the rise of school shootings/violence (I don’t believe King allows the short story to be published any more, which I don’t believe is necessarily a good or bad thing, but I do believe the story isn’t among his best, so maybe it’s best to be taken out of circulation for that reason alone. Another example would be Star Trek and how the technology that appeared so futuristic has started to converge with the present to the point where new movies can’t really keep up technology wise. The things that once seemed so out there are now in our living rooms and it’s to the point that only the big things, the interstellar space travel and transporters, are the things that remain truly out of reach right now (but for how long?).

But to go back to Stephen King and his short story, as I said, he has since removed it from the rotation. If you want to read it, you have to dig up an old copy of the Bachman Books (which I have, because I went through a massive Stephen King phase and it was at just the right time when a ton of great used book stores still existed in the area I lived).  He pulled it from circulation because it was reported that a kid who committed violence at school – I think he shot people, but I’m not entirely sure – had reportedly read it, and King felt some measure of responsibility.  Which I also don’t want to go into except in how it may have affected his writing since. He already pulled this one short story. Has he shelved ideas since? Have novels moved in different directions? Even if he doesn’t consciously think about it, could it be something that slides in, subconsciously moving his stories? Who knows. It was just something I was thinking about.

But how will we or Russia react to convergences such as between Russia’s new ban and Sorokin’s work? Will there be similar convergences and what will spring from them? Just my twenty minute take this morning.