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forced meet and greets make me feel forced and dumb

August 29, 2009

the g/f is off to Akron today for an orientation and then some “break out sessions.” In essence it’s a meet and greet. It’s eating up pretty much her entire day. She hates being in the car this much. We were in the car two hours last night because of the X and the turnpike fucking up hand in hand. We’ll have to be in the car again Tomorrow to pick the kid up.

I’ve been toying with the idea of going back to school. To get an MFA. Etc. I’ve talked about it. I seriously consider it and then g/f has to go to one of these orientations. She has to go to a meet and greet. She has to go to a seminar on the use of blackboard in the classroom. And my desire to return to school takes a massive hit.

The schools decide we need to go to all of these things but they don’t provide for parking or gas. They rarely do a decent job of providing for lunch.

And this is all without having talked about the social awkwardness of these things. People crammed together with people they don’t know. Sometimes with people in radically different studies. People. People. People. I’m not a huge people person unless I’ve been drinking and there is never an open bar at these things which is probably good because I would be drunk off my ass halfway through.

I’m starting to consider looking into going back to school for respiratory therapy. It’s something I should be able to find work in and be paid well for.  Well. paid. two words I hope to put together in relation to myself in the near future.