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Book Links 7/24/2012

July 24, 2012

After  having a day of book links few and far between yesterday, it seems today is trying to make up for it. I’ve been slowly working my way through my browser of many open tabs, and here’s what I’ve liked so far.

NPR is asking for people to vote for the Best Teen Novel Ever. You can vote for up to ten novels, so go over and vote away.

The story of the week posted by The Library of America is Fritz Leiber’s Try and Change the Past.

With production costs falling, Amazon now has space to drop the price of their Kindle Fire.  Considering their take no prisoner’s approach to competition, can’t say I’d be surprised to see it knocked down to $150. I still say spend a few extra bucks and support someone else, like Barnes and Noble.

An article from NYT about rare books and the people who love them. Fifty shades of grey has nothing on old Venicians.

In more Amazon related news, the DoJ’s response to bookseller groups is less than encouraging. Is anyone surprised? I’m not…

In  England, locals cheer artists plastering over billboards with damn near anything as long as they aren’t advertisements. Really, though, it’s usually  poetic verses. Go graffiti artists/vandals/keepers of the public good. Really, I like the term brandalism that they’re using.


Alright, that’s what I’ve liked the most for today. Hope you like them.