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It’s Jan. 2nd, do you know where your word processor is?

January 2, 2010

We spent nearly two whole weeks back in michigan. Partly because of family, partly because I had to sit in a  dentist chair for two hours as he hacked a large chunk of tooth out of my mouth so that a crown could fit on it. in that time, I didn’t accomplish much of anything. I didn’t write. I didn’t read (much). I spent a lot of time going from house to house, visiting different family and friends, and then collapsing on the bed so that I could get a bit of rest before doing it all over again the following day.

Now that we’re back in Cleveland, the kid’s on the last couple of days of his christmas vacation and trying to fight off a cold. His asthma makes it twice as difficult and he has to be hooked up to a nebulizer – a machine that turns a liquid medicine into a vapor he breaths through a little mask with fish eyes painted on it. When he first got it, I think the whole fish aspect of the mask made it slightly more endurable for himbut I’m not sure he cares at all about it any more and is back to seeing it as something he must simply endure.

The weather is, well, snowy. Not all out twelve inches of hell snow but snow enough. A little yesterday, a little today and we have a few inches on the ground. While I know the odds are in our favor that neither of us will be in an auto accident, I still hate seeing either of us have to go out in the stuff and the g/f’s journey to Akron once a week this semester has gradually bugged me more and more.

And I’m having second thoughts about going back to school. Not so much about myself, I’m fairly certain I want to, but whether we could actually make it work schedule wise. She’d have classes, I’d have classes, and in the middle we’d have a six year old. 

In the mean time I’m still trying to get my own writing done and find some sort of work. Fun.