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Frustration Continues to Mount

April 19, 2013

Well, apparently I’m not getting a washer/dryer today. I got an automated call at 7am saying that there has been a delay with my delivery “possibly caused by weather” or something else, and that I’d get another call back later to sort it all out with me.  Well, I didn’t get another call back, so I called their customer service. I think we had a bit of a bad connection, but it didn’t help that my call was apparently routed to some place overseas. The woman had an accent, not the thickest I’ve heard, but thick enough with the poor connection.  By the end of the call, despite not being entirely sure what she was saying, I had essentially given up on figuring out what was going on with this phone call. So I then called the store we bought the washer and dryer from, and the guy we bought it from wasn’t in today, but she took my number and that and says a manager will call me back.

that was a half hour ago.

I’m not real thrilled right now with where we bought these things, but mistakes happen. It’s just another mistake/problem, though, tacked on to a laundry list of problems lately.  I think I’m going to give up on getting either today, and go lock up the basement door.


edit: about three hours after my initial call, the lady I talked to from the store called me back and asked if anyone had contacted me. When I told her no, she put me on hold, and got me on the phone with someone. I gave them my information, and they seemed a bit lost trying to figure out what happened to my washer and dryer and offered to call me back in a few minutes. Forty minutes later I got a call from another person who seemed to be part of management who apologized a lot, and told me that the part that needed fixed didn’t arrive when the repairman was there. The part has finally arrived, and the repair guy would be out again next Tuesday, and picked up for delivery on Wednesday. I’ll get it Friday. so. Yeah. My washer and dryer are still at the store. waiting for aknob to be fixed (a knob that requires the entire control circuit board to be replaced). Some day I will have a washer and dryer.